Consciousness Beyond Life, The Science of the Near-Death Experience

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2010 Network Book Prize Award of the Medical and Scientific Network.

For more than twenty years cardiologist Pim van Lommel has studied near-death experiences (NDEs) in patients who survived a cardiac arrest. In 2001, he and his fellow researchers published a study on Near Death Experiences in the renowned medical journal The Lancet. He, then, wrote the Dutch bestseller Endless Consciousness in 2007; over 100.000 copies were sold in the first year. 

The NDE is an authentic experience which cannot be attributed to imagination, psychosis or oxygen deprivation. After such an profound experience, patient’s personalities underwent a permanent change. In Van Lommel’s opinion, the current views on the relationship between the brain and consciousness held by most physicians, philosophers and psychologists is too narrow for a proper understanding of the NDE phenomenon. The author provides examples and ways that our consciousness does not always coincide with brain functions; that consciousness can even be experienced separate from the body.



Since the Lancet article and Endless Consciousness have been published, Dr. van Lommel has emerged as an expert in the field. He has been invited to speak on television and radio in the Netherlands.


The book

The original Dutch edition ‘Eindeloos Bewustzijn’, from 2007, is now in its 23d print, and worldwide more than 250.000 copies have been sold.


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