Agenda 2018


In 2018 are until now 10 lectures scheduled in the English language.

28 January 2018

Messina, Sicily, Italy. NDE Esperienze di Premorte. Salone delle Bandiere. Palazzo Zanca, Messina. Conscienza oltre la Vita. Organisation: Anthurium Rosa, Cammini di Conoscenza. Time: 10.00 to 20.00. with Pim van Lommel, Giuliano Falcani, Mirella Restuccia, D.ssa Fulvia Cariglia.  Contact: +39-371-3896253. Additional information and registration:, and

7 to 20 May 2018

Hangzhou, China . A total 4 lectures: 2 Lectures ‘Nonlocal Consciousness’ in the Oriental Symposium of Zhejiang University, Lecture ‘Nonlocal Consciousness’ in the XiXi Symposium of the Department of Philosophy of Zhejiang University, lecture ‘Nonlocal Consciousness’ in the Buddhist College of Hangzhou.

2-3 June 2018

Bad Nauheim , Germany. ‘Time Waver Summer Conference 2018’. Dolce Hotels &resorts Bad Nauheim, Elvis-Presley-Platz 1 61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany. Lecture ‘Nonlocal consciousness’. Lecture in English, simultaneous translation into the German language. Information and registration:

3-9 July 2018

Castello di Titignano, Umbria, Italy. SAND (Science And Non-Duality) 2018: The Science and Mystery of Being. Lecture ‘Nonlocal Consciousness’ (July 7th ). For additional information and registration:   

Join the annual Science and Nonduality gathering (SAND) July 3rd – 9th at the beautiful Castello di Titignano, Umbria, Italy for six inspiring days with scientists, philosophers, spiritual teachers and artists, designed to expand your mind and heart while celebrating together the mystery and beauty of life. The retreat will include talks, experiential workshops, roundtables, art, concerts, dance, good food and an amazing international community of explorers. For more information visit:   To get a glimpse of the gathering go to:


August 30 –September 2, 2018.

Bellevue. Washington, USA: IANDS Conference: Aftereffects of Near-death Experiences. For additional information and registration: .

6 October 2018.

Barcelona, Spain. University of Ramon Llull ( Blanquera) ‘XIX Edición de la Conciencia en la Vida’. Lecture ‘Nonlocal Consciousness’. Simultaneous translation.

3-4 November 2018

London. Beyond the Brain Conference. Scientific and Medical Network. Lecture : ‘Nonlocal Consciousness’. For additional information and registration: